Lykovouno Award Winning Greek Olive Oil

Lykovouno Olive Oil is grown and produced in Greece on the private estate of San Francisco Dermatologist Dr. Peter Panagotacos. This estate was started in 1985 on the slope of his ancestral village of Lykovouno with the help of his cousin, who still lives there. Over 4000 Koroneiki trees were planted at that time. It was Dr. Panagotacos' intention to produce the finest quality olive oil sold in the United States.

Lykovouno Olive Oil is hand picked, cold pressed, and hand bottled on the family estate. Lykovouno Olive Oil is pure Koroneiki olive oil, solely produced on this estate, not blended with other oils. It is unsurpassed for its exquisite and flavorful aroma, possesses excellent organoleptic qualities. It has a fresh fruit-of-the-olive taste and aroma with hints of fruit, pepper and grass. The hard work and effort to produce a gourmet olive oil has resulted in State Fair awards, both in Lakonia, Greece and in the Los Angeles County Fair.

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1. Greek extra-virgin olive oil (2 large-500 ml bottles)
2. Greek organic wild oregano (1/2 oz)
3. Kalamata olives in Koroneiki olive oil (8 oz)
4. Kalamata Greek olive paste (2.82 oz)

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So Many Ways to Try!

The tantalizing flavor of Lykovouno olive oil enhances your food's natural flavors. Try our olive oil:

  • Drizzled over steamed vegetables for more zesty flavor
  • As a salad dressing with just a little lemon and herbs
  • Lightly drizzled on fish - even your most delicate seabass
  • Basted on chicken or turkey for enhanced flavor and tenderness

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