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"As we all know, there are many different types of olive oil on the market, and many with excellent quality. I personally have had the opportunity to experience Lykovouno extra virgin olive oil, from the Peloponnesian Region of Greece. I found Lykovouno to be of superior quality, with a flavor, texture, and full-bodied aroma that is exactly what my fellow chefs and I look for in a premium olive oil. It goes without question that this is one of the top olive oils available today. I recommend it to chefs and home cooks who want to enhance the flavors oftheir food. I know you will be pleased with the taste, aroma and consistently high quality of Lykovouno Greek extra-virgin olive oil."

—Bert Cutino, CEC, AAC, Past Chairman of the American Academy of Chefs,Chairman of the Honorary Board of Trustees of the American Academy of Chefs, Past Chairman of Distinguished Restaurants of North America

"All test show that the sample which was analyzed comes from a very good oil. It is an extra-virgin olive oil, has very low acidity, is not oxidized . .. and is relatively resistant to oxidation. It has the desirable greenish color and has a very good aroma and taste."

—Apostolos Kiritsakis, M.Sc. Ph.D., School of Food Technology and Nutrition, TEl, Greece

"Oils with no defects that really show the potential flavors are what we were searching for in Greece. We knew it was possible. I know all you went through to get this accomplished congratulations!"

—Paul Vossen, University of California Extension, Farm Advisor

"I can't believe this tastes so wonderful. So this is what olive oil is supposed to taste like!"

—David Kohler, Professional Chef

"It's delicious. It tastes like spicy spring baby grass."

—Diane Thaler M.D.

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Wild Oregano 1/2 oz Wild Oregano 1/2 oz

Lykovouno Wild Oregano grows naturally on the hillside of the ancient village of Lykovouno, next to our olive oil estate.

Price: $5.00

250 ml Olive Oil Bottles Small Olive Oil Bottles 250 ml

250mL (8.5 oz)

Price: $16.00

Large Olive Oil Bottles 500 ml Large Olive Oil Bottles 500 ml

500mL (17 oz)

Price: $25.00