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Find out what olive oil is supposed to taste like!

The tantalizing flavor of Lykovouno olive oil enhances your food’s natural flavors. Try our olive oil:

  • Drizzled over steamed vegetables for more zesty flavor.
  • As a salad dressing with just a little lemon and herbs.
  • Lightly drizzled on fish - even your most delicate seabass.
  • Basted on chicken ot turkey for enhanced flavor and tenderness
  • For frying or roasting potatoes, zucchini and your other favorite vegetables

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Wild Oregano 1/2 oz Wild Oregano 1/2 oz

Lykovouno Wild Oregano grows naturally on the hillside of the ancient village of Lykovouno, next to our olive oil estate.

Price: $5.00

250 ml Olive Oil Bottles Small Olive Oil Bottles 250 ml

250mL (8.5 oz)

Price: $16.00

Large Olive Oil Bottles 500 ml Large Olive Oil Bottles 500 ml

500mL (17 oz)

Price: $25.00