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Our commitment to quality

We are proud of our family produced olive oil which has proved to be of the highest quality every year since we began importing it to California. Our chemical analyses are a matter of record as are our awards.

Aware of the problems with imported olive oils being adulterated with non olive oils and even poor quality oils being sold with "extra-virgin" labels we have posted the olive oil analyses over the past 18 years as well the awards won when we have submitted them to county fairs.

Our Lykovuono Olive Oil is more than Organic EVOO it represents the highest quality Koroneiki olive oil we can possibly deliver from our trees to your table.


View 2017 (Acidity 0.18%) View 2016 Acidity 0.12% !

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Organic Certificate
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Certificate for 2005 *
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*Our Production Methods have not changed.